City of San Francisco to stop buying Apple computers

Posted on July 11, 2012


The City of San Francisco won’t be buying Apple computers anymore because the company pulled its products from a green-electronics certification registry.

City officials told the Journal that employees of the city’s 50 agencies won’t be able to use city funds to buy Apple laptops or desktops because Apple removed those products from a voluntary registry of green electronics called EPEAT.

The registry was created by government agencies, activist groups, and manufacturers, including Apple, and requires electronics be easy to recycle and have higher energy efficiency. A 2007 policy requires the city to purchase only EPEAT-certified desktops, laptops, and monitors.

The officials hope Apple will reconsider taking its products off the list, but EPEAT CEO Robert Frisbee told the Journal that Apple’s latest laptop, the MacBook Pro with its high-resolution Retina screen, would not have been eligible for certification because the computer’s battery is glued into its case, which makes recycling the toxic parts difficult.

According to stats from the Journal, this won’t be much of a blow to Apple. Only about 500 to 700, or 1 percent to 2 percent total, of San Francisco computers are Macs.

We’ve contacted the city and Apple for more details and we will update as we get more information.

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