7 Free Tools to Improve Your Companies Web Presence

Posted on July 11, 2012


1. WordPress

Easily publish and manage your website and blog. Most people think of WordPress strictly as a blog platform, but it is really a web publishing platform. This makes it capable of powering sites ranging from blogs, to CMS systems, and even (if heavily customized) social networking sites like Shop208.

Visit WordPress.org

2. Google Apps

Email, Calendar, Docs, Spreadsheets, Pages, etc. Google Apps is the core of my business management. We use the Gmail interface for all our emails (including the mobile features for syncing with the mobile phones). The chat comes in handy when planning products and managing products remotely. Having all of this available with a single login is invaluable.

The best part is that for certain uses it is free!

Google Apps sign-up

3. Akismet

Spam on sites and blogs is a huge time waster if you are having to moderate and deal with each spam comment individually. It just takes the fun out of blogging. Akismet fixes that. With plugins and the API you can integrate it with almost any web app (either proprietary or open source).

Visit Akismet.com

4. Google Analytics

So now you have your site setup (spam free of course), but you need to do some tracking. Though there are plenty of other applications for statistics, Google Analytics is by far the industry leader (helps that it is free). It has some very advanced features (that I hardly use), but is still very easy to understand and setup on your site.

Also it is very nice to use a single login for this and Google Apps.

Google Analytics

5. MailChimp

Email marketing can be very powerful (once you overcome low open rates). In this space you can chose from lots of companies to help you run your email campaigns. MailChimp is my personal favorite. It is straight forward and easy to use, from building the list, to sending the emails, and last of all it provides great reports afterwards.

My favorite thing is that the interface teaches you as you go. Not just how to use the app, but also how to write and send more successful email campaigns. After 500 subscribers you have to start paying, but most people won’t reach that limit for quite a while.

Learn more about MailChimp

Also their Halloween-themed login page is well designed: https://login.mailchimp.com

6. Tumblr

Tumblr is so easy to use they even have the sign-up form on the homepage. They claim to be the easiest way to blog. From what I have seen and heard from friends that use it, I would have to agree. If you are going for quick setup, writing short posts, and don’t need that robust of software, then go with Tumblr. Though if you want more robust (though still easy to use) software WordPress is a better option.

Learn more about Tumblr

7. After the Deadline

After the Deadline adds intelligent grammar and spell checking to your content management system or blog. It is constantly telling me to use simpler words, write clearer, and to use the correct homonym. Yes, it can distinguish the correct word based on context.

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