Steve Nash Traded to Los Angeles Lakers: Fan Reaction

Posted on July 9, 2012


Blindsided. That’s how I felt when I heard Steve Nash was headed to the Los Angeles Lakers.

Even though some sports specialist consider Steve Nash one of the best point guard in the league but, he is 38 years old.     They traded Derek Fisher who is 37 years old, won 5 championships with the Lakers. Is this trade Nashty or what post it on the comments area bellow.

I think this is a great move by the Lakers, they been having point guard problems in the past few years. Even though Derek Fisher won 5 championships with the Lakers, i don’t consider Derek Fisher a real point guard. Steve Nash at is age 38 he is still averaging  12.5 points a game, while Derek Fisher is only averaging 5.6 points a game.

Game wise this this is great for the Lakers. This will help them be better at the offense side of the game, by having another great shooter on court. We all know sometime Kobe Bryant does all the work, but now we now have a feature Hall of Fame and a great shooter  playing with him.

He’s skill on the court and how intelligent he is makes him on my top 5  point guard on the league right now.

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